Are You Ready to Create the Life and Business of Your Dreams?

Are you tired of struggling and not getting the results in your life and business that you know you are destined to achieve? If you’re ready to put an end to the self-sabotaging behavior that’s preventing success in your life, I can show you how. You can finally become in alignment with your passion, values and true-self.  With “The Passion Belief Method™” you’ll gain the confidence necessary to catapult you forward as your “new empowered self” and finally be able to reach your true potential in your life and/or business.
I’d like to invite you to my Passion Belief Method™ Coaching Program where you’ll learn the 5 Steps to becoming your Empowered Self.
The POWER Formula:
  •  Pinpoint negative beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your true potential
  •  Out with the old beliefs. Learn how to let go of those beliefs so you can put an end to the self-sabotaging behavior that is preventing you from reaching your goals.  
  •  Weigh your values. Get clear on what values are most important to you and learn how to effectively prioritize them so you can live life and operate your business with integrity.
  •  Engage with your inner passion “your unique gift”. Experience a powerful exercise that will help you get clear on what your purpose is in this world.
  •  Reinvent yourself. Learn how to move forward as an empowered and confident professional by adopting your 8 new passion beliefs™ and create your success plan that aligns with your new beliefs.
The Passion Belief Method™ Coaching Program is will include the following:
      6 Weekly Online Training Modules: Private and Secure access to training modules including audio and video trainings, downloads, templates and other success tools
      6 –Weekly Audio Training Sessions with Megan
      Unlimited Question and Answer Access throughout the program to make sure you are properly supported and remain accountable
In the Passion Belief Method Coaching Program I will reveal my belief breakthrough secrets.

  •  Discover what your unique value and brilliance is and how you can best serve others with this gift. 
  •  Start living your life on your terms honoring your priorities and values 
  • Discover how you can make a lucrative income doing what you love 
  •  Become incredibly attractive to your ideal clients and become a money magnet 
  • Become confident in presenting yourself and your offerings, products or services  
  •  Clarify Your Passion/Purpose
  •  Start Making Decisions with Ease 
  •   Heal Your Relationship with Money – Be empowered when it comes to making and managing money 
  •  Start Charging What Your Worth 
  •  Create Your Success Blueprint to reach a 6 figure or even a 7 figure income 
  •  Master the Sales Conversation, so you can authentically inspire your clients to say Yes to working with you 

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Megan Tull, I’m known by many as the Transformation Coach. I am an Entrepreneur Success Strategist and best selling author of “The Passion Belief Method™”- Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth in Business. I work with small business owners in creating a lucrative business doing that focuses on their passion.

 Why I’m so confident that I can coach you to create a business breakthrough? Because I have spend the last 15 years studying personal growth, leadership, sales strategies, business models and on and offline marketing. Based on what I’ve learned and personally experienced, I’ve put together a system that is proven to get results. For most of my life I’ve been an entrepreneur, I’ve run several successful businesses and I have assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reach their financial goals. It is my mission and my passion to assist individuals in creating a lucrative business doing what they love all while leading authentic life based on balance and self-care. 
This program is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix or your not willing to change or do the work it takes to be successful.
This program is for you if you want to change your thinking, focus on what’s possible and you’re willing to do the work and implement what you learn.

Brandy Amstel – CEO of Living Powerfully

“During the Passion Belief Method Coaching Program, I was able to identify limiting beliefs that were keeping me from fully expressing myself. I have now created new empowering beliefs that give me power and freedom around my business. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to gain clarity on their vision, purpose values and their worth.”

Ann Fish – Co-founder of Formula Austin 

“When I participated in Megan’s PBM Coaching Program, I learned very quickly that Megan really cares, she walks her talk and is all about serving her clients. This course is not only the perfect time-frame (6 weeks) it is presented in a way that utilizes many different methods of delivering the content to cater to all different types of learning styles, so you can easily absorb and implement the content.” 
So what IS the Passion Belief Method 6 Week Coaching Program? 
Here’s just a sampling of the areas I’ll personally coach you through in this exclusive 6 week program….
The Passion Belief Method™ – Weekly Focus Areas
Module 1 – (Week One) – Dissolving Resistance and Opening Up – Prepare to Tap Into Your Limitless Potential
In week one, you’ll discover helpful tips to dissolve resistance in your life to create, clarity, inspiration, flow and ease. You’ll take my Passion Belief Method™ Assessment to discover what your Passion Belief Factor is.
Module 2 – (Week Two) – Reveal and Recognize Any Limiting and Self-Sabotaging Beliefs and Learn How to Let Go and Free Yourself of this Baggage
The second week’s module focuses on finally addressing the blocks and barriers that are holding you back from reaching your true potential. You will go through a powerful process that will allow you to reveal and recognize these blocks and learn how to breakthrough and let go of all limiting beliefs.
Module 3 – (Week Three) – Define Your Values – Start Living Your Life on Your Terms Honoring Your Priorities and Values
In week three, you’ll follow the 6 Steps to Identifying Your Values. You’ll also discover your Strengths.
Module 4 – (Week Four) – Get Clear – Clarify Your Passion/Purpose Start Creating the Life You Desire
This week, you’ll take my Life Purpose – Find Your Passion Test to reveal your true passion(s) You’ll also begin to realize and own your gifts that you have to share with the world and the value that you offer.
Module 5 (Week Five) – Adopt Your New Passion Beliefs, So You Can Move Forward in Confidence As Your New Empowered Self
In this module, you’ll learn how to Create a Money Magnetizing Mindset. Discover the 8 Passion Beliefs and how you can move forward as your New Confident and Empowered Self
Module 6 (Week Six) – Present Yourself with Confidence and Clarity and Vision Mapping
In week six, is where you’ll pull it all together. Here is where you realize what’s truly possible and begin outlining your vision to start living your purpose. You will create your success blueprint, so you know what it’s going to take to reach your goal of a six figure, multiple six figure or even 7 figure income. You’ll also learn how to master the “sales conversation” so, you can authentically inspire your ideal clients to say Yes to working with you. You’ll also be provided with powerful tools you can use to set and track your goals and income moving forward.
You’ll have 6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls, On-line Weekly Modules, Audio and Video Trainings, Worksheets, Templates and Checklists to allow you to implement what you learn! (Value – $4997)

Natalie Howe – Natalie Howe Designs

”Owning a business can be overwhelming. At times it’s easy to find yourself lost in the weeds, unable to step back and see the big picture. Megan has been instrumental in helping me establish my fees and value of services that I offer. Within a 60 day period I was able to double my revenue. Her motivation and positive spirit are her natural born gifts. If you are ready to commit to yourself and work hard both mentally and physically, let Megan guide you in that transformation.” 
I’ve designed this training program to go DEEP. I’m going to hold your hand all the way through. But, I wanted to make it so ridiculously valuable that it’s impossible to pass up. I’m including these generous BONUSES valued at $1342.00! 
Special Fast Action Bonus:

3 Month Ask Megan Access 

Get Your Questions Personally Answered by Megan via email (Only available for a limited time)
I will assist you in implementing the content and keep you on track by answering your questions along the way. This will accelerate your success.
Value: $1,000.00


Bonus #1 - The Passion Belief Method Book

Get a signed copy of Megan’s best- selling book The Passion Belief Method- Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth   
Value: $14.95

Bonus #2 – The Passion Belief Method™ Empowerment Cards 

This is a tool that you can use daily to affirm your new Passion Beliefs, I call these your “Empowerment” cards!
 Value: $29.97

Bonus #3 – One on One – 45 minute Strategy Session w/ Megan

Megan will help you breakthrough and remove any final barriers and equip you with next best steps moving forward, so you can begin to live your dream life.
 Value: $297.00   
So now you may be wondering, Megan this sounds exciting, but what’s my investment?
It’s a challenge to put a price on this program. On the other hand I know that if you need this program, money may be tight. On the other hand, I know that if you say yes to this program, your money situation is going to change for the positive and quickly).

So, I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you, which is why I have priced it at a very fair price. ..

Investment for the Full Pay Option of the Passion Belief Method™ Coaching Program is only $997.00


You can add 3 one on one weekly coaching sessions with Megan for only $1997.00 (Elite Program Passion Belief Method Coaching Program) Which includes 3 one on one sessions with Megan throughout the program. (an extra value of $1,800.00) 

Passion Belief Method Coaching Program - Only $997.00
Elite Passion Belief Method Coaching Program - Only $1,997.00
My Personal “Make You Happy ” Guarantee! 

It’s important to me that this training program resonates for you because if your heart’s not in it, what’s the point , right?
While I’m 100% confident you’re going to love what you’re going to learn, I want you to feel at ease making this decision. 

So, I’m willing to give you a full refund within 15 days of the program start date.
Yes, I’m ready to experience a transformation in my business and my financial situation and make a huge impact in the world!

I understand with my investment, I’ll receive the following:

  • 6 Interactive, educational and inspiring coaching calls with me on each step of the Passion Belief Method™ via 6 weekly calls (recording will be available as well). 
  •  Weekly online Modules with How to Videos and Audios 
  •  Downloadable handouts and templates that make tracking your Passion Belief Method™ progress easy and effortless 
  •  Practical action step assignments after each call/module designed to help you, remove blocks that are holding you back, discover your passion and become a confident and empowered leader 
  •  Transformational mindset coaching questions & statements to help you powerfully stay on track 
I will also receive these BONUSES
  •  3 Month Ask Megan Access – Get Your Questions Personally Answered by Megan (Only available for a limited time)
  • I will assist you in implementing the content and keep you on track by answering your questions along the way. This will accelerate your success. Value: $1,000.00  
  •  A signed copy of Megan’s Best- Selling Book – The Passion Belief Method- Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth
  • Value: $14.95
  •  Passion Belief Method Success Tool This is a tool that you can use daily to affirm your new Passion Beliefs!  
  • Value: $29.97
  •  One on One- 30 minute Strategy Session w/ Megan Value: $297.00  

Total Program Value (Including all Bonuses): $3,338.00!
Yours for only $997.00!! or the Elite Program for only $1997.00
with my My Personal “Make You Happy ” Guarantee!
Passion Belief Method Coaching Program - Only $997.00
Elite Passion Belief Method Coaching Program - Only $1,997.00
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