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Tremendous advice and valuable insights - by Wade 

  "Megan has lived and experienced the advice that she gives. She provides for you another level of knowledge and understanding that will show you how to tap into the person that you deserve to be. This book is a true investment into your potential for wealth and happiness." 

A book worth reading - by Lotte 

  "Megan Tull's book is very inspiring and empowering and everyone needs to read it! It is perfect for ambitious women who are early in their careers. We all, especially we women, need to own our value and earn our worth. There were so many helpful anecdotes and bits of advice that will help guide my thinking in the future. Buy it, read it, share it. It's excellent!" 

Highly valuable- invest in one! - by Fox Beyer

"Megan has written a book that will strike a chord in anyone. From sage advice, to chapter challenges, to empowering quotes, she has really made me want to get up every day and help other people in a way that also makes me happy. I highly recommend this book. It is also a book that is timeless and you can use use it for a reference again and again." 

Getting Past Limiting Beliefs -
by Jill Davis 

"These times in particular more people should be living their passions. Great book on how to achieve success following what drives you. I really enjoyed the book and this book provides a lot of useful information about getting past limiting beliefs, which is a huge reason people do not think they are "good enough." I highly recommend this book!"

Roadmap to your own unique brand of passion! - by Anna Carroll, Author of The Feedback Imperative

"In the Passion Belief Method, Megan Tull offers a step-by-step guide to doing what you love in life. First, she helps you discover what is totally motivating to you--based on acknowledging your true gifts. Then, she shows you how to take steps--small at first, and then big, and then huge--into the life you are most passionate to live. The book is always fascinating, as it focuses you on what YOU personally care about the most, rather than on disciplining yourself into achieving goals you aren't 100% passionate about. Megan's background as an entrepreneur fuels great encouragement to readers who want to start or grow their own businesses. Threaded throughout the book are questions you can answer and use as a roadmap toward your own unique brand of passion!"

Overcoming negative beliefs -
by Dr. Jeffrey Bishop

 "If you're looking for developing deep inner strength and how to harness and bring that part of you, that has been stifled ,or held back for many different reasons, then this book is for you. The book, the" Passion Belief Method" is full of personal experiences, that people can relate to, and that will help them not feel so alone in this world. As you read the chapters, they truly give you an introspective look at yourself and paves the way for you to become empowered and passionate about where you want to be in life. And on top of that, it literally gives you a step-by-step approach on the journey to become successful.  
This book is so inspiring to each and every one of us to overcome our fears, and literally ,gives you inner strength to overcome your inner obstacles.
Wow, anyone with any entrepreneurial thoughts or desires, has to read this book. It will allow you to open your brain to directions that you thought you would never be able to achieve."  

Mindfulness with a Purpose -
by Pamela Friedman

"Told with thoughtful compassion, Megan gets to the heart of how we can accomplish our dreams."

Megan Tull nailed the core ways to build wealth in your business doing exactly what you love - by Heidi Schlenk 

"This book is a game changer for business owners! Megan Tull nailed the core ways to build wealth in your business doing exactly what you love, i.e. finding your truest passion, upgrading your money mindset, and always coming from a place of service to the world, rather than being salesy. Megan dared to tackle the topics so many woo-woo business authors miss: how to create systems and a sound platform. The bottom line is that all business owners want a big break that takes them to stardom, and she shows her clients how to build this, from the inside out, so that when that big break comes, you'll be ready. Megan's willingness to be vulnerable and share her own journey and struggles, is inspiring and shows that overcoming personal hardships and creating ultimate success is available to all of us. I highly recommend this phenomenal book!"

Easy to Read-Easy to Implement -
by Doris Burson

"Megan Tull has written a book that not only helps people ignite their passion, but she has broken the process down into easy to implement steps. Each chapter brings you closer and closer to that ideal life that so many people are searching for. Simple to read, but delving into the depths of your soul, Megan has your creative mind alert to what is going on in your life. Keeping your family and selfless giving as a part of the process only emphasizes how passionate she is about core values. Chapter by chapter, The Passion Belief Method leads you down the path of , not just a mediocre life, but a life filled with enthusiasm and joy."
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Things That You'll Be Learning For FREE...
  • How to Ignite Your Passion and Create a Business that You Love...
  • Develop Your New Money Mindset - So You Can Make and Save More Money...
  • Identifying and Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs That Are Keeping You Stuck...
  • Strategies to Breakthrough Resistance...
  • How to Increase Your Self- Worth, So You Can Increase Your Net-Worth...
  • Discover Your Unique Gift and Value...
  • Learn How to Offer Your Services By Serving and Not Selling...
  • Creating an Environment for Success...
  • Setting Well-Defined Boundaries...
  • Tips on Becoming a Healthier You...
  • How to  Get Out There and Spread Your Truth and Your Message...
  • Becoming Aligned to Your Purpose...
  • Leaving Your Incredible Legacy Behind...
  • Adopting Your New Empowering Passion Beliefs...
  • And More...
Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About The Passion Belief Method!

RUTH KLEIN, best-selling author of Time Management Secrets for Working Women and The Destress Diva's Guide to Life

“Megan's book, Passion to Profits, is a brilliant, down to earth, and powerful guide on how anyone with real commitment can create the business they desire and achieve financial independence.”

JOHN GRAY, PhD, leading relationship expert in the world and best-selling relationship author of all time, with his book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus 

"In the Passion Belief Method, Megan Tull provides us with the keys to create a life by design and a business that you love. Megan's gift is to present simple, yet effective life changing principles in a way that's easy to apply."

SANDRA DEE ROBINSON , Actress, TV host, author, speaker and CEO of Charisma on Camera Confidence Training & Horsepowered Consulting LLC 

“Megan’s book is a must for those that have the calling to something bigger! If a life of passion, joy and abundance is calling you then read how Megan discovered for herself the key elements in changing negative beliefs into empowering ones. She shows you step-by-step how to recognize your personal strengths and desires that can eliminate self-sabotage and help you to create an expansive life!”

Judy Hoberman - President of Selling in a Skirt

“When you think about having your own business and making it be both valuable and profitable, you have to go one step further and that is believing in yourself. In her book, "The Passion Belief Method", Megan Tull gives you her tips and strategies to invest in yourself and to believe you can do whatever you put your mind to. Using her years of professional experience helping hundreds of clients as well as drawing from her own personal challenges and triumphs, Megan is the real deal. I started reading her book and I was captivated from the first chapter. This book makes you think, evaluate and review the direction you are on. As the saying goes, "I never said it would be easy; but it will be worth it". This book exemplifies that and so much more.”

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